February 7, 2018

(Electronic Ledger Application)

Inter- eDefter, an electronic ledger application of the inter-Vision platform, provides fast and uninterrupted access to the created ledgers and certificates at any point through a cloud based solution. inter-eDefter can easily be integrated with the majority of accounting and ERP software applications on the market and all the operations are recorded and all the operational transactions can be followed step by step.

Furthermore, inter-eDefter, meets the standards set by the Revenue Administration, offering the creation of journals and ledgers in digital media, signed by a financial seal.

Features of Intertech Electronic Ledger Application: inter- eDefter:

  • Cloud based structure and easy and uninterrupted access option via internet,
  • Fast integration with service-oriented architecture,
  • Savings from notary charges, paper consumption and storage expenditure,
  • Integration with a majority of accounting applications,
  • Elimination of operational errors via electronic control mechanisms,
  • Easy to use tracing tools,
  • User-friendly design.
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