About Us

February 7, 2018

Intertech was established in 1987 to offer Information Technology services to the financial sector. Today Intertech is among the leading technology companies in Turkey and the world through its innovative solutions for the finance and banking industries.

Intertech has created more than 100 products using 30 years of experience by more than 1100 technical staff members specialized in their fields. These products are used by over 40 financial institutions in 10 different countries in Europe and MEA region, Turkey being in the first place. Furthermore, Intertech has been in Gartner Vendor List since April 2013. All products and services that a financial entity may require can be solely provided by Intertech.

Since the day of its establishment, Intertech has developed four core banking platforms used in many domestic and international banks and expanded its product range using its experience. As a strategic solution partner of Microsoft, Intertech has built its enhanced inter-Vision integrated banking platform on Microsoft-based technologies such as .NET and Microsoft SQL Server. The inter-Vision platform has been developed with agile project management approach by focusing on ITIL and COBIT compatibility. In this platform, besides “financial applications"; products, there are products that are both modular and fully integrated with each other, available under the main groups of "customer relationship management";, "business processes management";, “data mining and business intelligence"; and “digital channels"; as well as “infrastructure management”, “payment systems”.

For more than a quarter of a century, Intertech has offered IT solutions and services that will create added value to its customers by accurately and fully understanding their needs and requests, using state-of-the-art technologies and ensuring competitive edge with superior speed, quality and low costs. Stronger than ever as a member of a big and well-founded family, the major objective of Intertech is to continue to create difference among peers and followers and rank at the top while maintaining its rising position among IT companies that produce solutions and services in the international market.

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