In today`s competitive market conditions, inter-Vision provides customers with the ability to preserve and enhance brand equity and being differentiated from their competitors. By means of such an integrated banking environment, the customers can perform, measure, analyze and restructure their services and thus acting on new business opportunities.

Next generation inter-Vision, is a fully web based banking platform which is built on a service oriented architecture (SOA) to provide a unique combination of advanced IT infrastructure. The platform guarantees that scalable solutions needed will be accomplished with a quick implementation. As a result of market trend analyses and business requirements, Intertech developed "inter-Vision" with more than 20 products in 5 different product suites;

You can reach these product suites of inter-Vision here:

For Customer Oriented Approach, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
For Operational Efficiency, Business Process Management (BPM)
For Agility, Financial Applications
For Effective Decision Support, Business Intelligence
For Banking Anytime and Anywhere, Delivery Channels Management

inter-Vision optimizes business processes in a customer-oriented manner and spread the agility to all organization levels with lower training costs. It offers a completely parametric and flexible product design which brings along the agility to the market.

inter-Vision is the first banking platform which is a hundred percent local banking software and appeals to all scales of banks and financial institutions that aim at a continuous growth. All distribution channels can be easily integrated into this platform which already covers analytical banking.

Outstanding features of inter-Vision are as follows;

• Single Sign On
• Web Based Banking Portal
• Cross Channel Optimization
• 360° CRM
• Channel Integrated Campaign Management
• Powerful Business Process Management
• Flexible Product Management
• Advanced Reporting Tool
• United Performance Management