inter-VERA (Profitability & Efficiency Analysis)
inter-Vera allows the financial picture to be seen as a whole, through its fast, flexible and reliable analysis capability. It is designed as a measurement and evaluation tool that will guide authorized users at all levels during the transition from transaction or product-based pricing to customer-based pricing. It facilitates monitoring of customers, customer group details, product volumes, profits and operational costs on the basis of portfolio managers, branches, regions, business lines and even banks.  

inter-Vera`s aims are the development of efficient and consistent relationships with the clients based on quantifiable information within a growing organization and easier administration of goals such as cost management and continuity of profitability.  

With inter-Vera, it is possible to reach an answer for any customer-based question consolidated at the branch, region and business line or bank level and to monitor efficiency at those levels. Within their authorization levels, employees can analyse current and historical financial data at various detail levels and conduct future analysis using forecasting methods.  

Income and expenditure rates are important when you are calculating and managing your bank’s profitability and efficiency. By inter-Vera this can be made on the bases of customer, groups of customers, portfolio, portfolio manager, division, district, and branch, branch type and bank observation. It also allows you to give appropriate personalized service with CRM approach.  

Besides inter-Vera’s cumulative volume and yield monitoring, it can also create a detailed income/expenditure statement that shows; how much profit is obtained from which product, the details of the non-interest income, operational costs and so on. The institutional data are transformed into knowledge. Decision Warehouse infrastructure and Business Intelligence applications facilitate the making of business decisions that will carry the bank into the future rapidly and managing the bank’s performance in the best way possible.

Highlights of inter-Vera

• Efficiency and profitability analysis in any level
• Reduces costs and increase profitability
• Detailed income/expenditure statements
• Drill down approach
• Web based n-tier architecture