inter-Target (Performance Management)
Performance management is the most important control mechanism for banks as only measured targets can be achieved. It is vital to understand how your employees contribute to the objectives of the business. inter-Target helps you to analyse the performance results from portfolio manager level to bank level.  

inter-Target can set objectives, notice deviations and take proactive actions. Performance management with inter-Target includes setting objectives to achieve, rating the performance against set objectives and outlining future development activities to assist with achieving objectives. It can make personal development plans monthly and yearly. On the other hand calculations can be made by taking parameters such as exchange information, return rates on the basis of products etc. inter-Target enables banks to manage their corporate performance and allows to keep the performance on the highest level.  

A good performance management system enables the corporation to understand how its employees are currently performing, and to identify employees that contribute most, or least. With the target driven structure, inter-Target lets the management to assign targets in different levels in the bank. With its smooth integration with MIS platform, executives and the seniors can monitor the realizations against the targets assigned for each level.  

Highlight`s of inter-Target

• Performance management in all levels
• Performance and development reviews
• Personal development plans monthly and yearly
• Setting objectives and performance standards
• Easy measurement
• Web based, n-tier architecture