inter-ScoreCard (Scoring and Decision Engine)
Increasing operational efficiency and minimizing the risks are the primary goals of all the corporations. Corporations can create more added-value with the more automated processes. inter-ScoreCard can increase the operational efficiency by automating score calculation process.  

As a decision and risk calculation engine; inter-ScoreCard offers an efficient infrastructure for your corporation in scoring your customers. It saves time and prevent from possible damages. With its parametric structure, it allows to manage your own scorecards and rules. It calculates the customer`s risk score automatically and keeps risk and potential losses under control.  

Beside its scoring engine, inter-ScoreCard also includes a flexible decision engine. In accordance with the rules user sets, it takes decisions automatically on customer information. In this infrastructure, parameters and parameter weights used for scoring are defined by the user. Notification messages and auto results, defined by business administrators, increase the underwriter’s efficiency. While increasing user efficiency with automation, total credit risk will be lowered and profitability will grow tremendously.  

Highlights of inter-ScoreCard

• Automatic score calculation
• Rating (A,B,C,...) segmentation
• Warning messages generation
• Decision making (Approval, Rejection, NextStep, ...)
• Fully parametric
• Increases operational efficiency
• Minimizes the risks
• Web based, n-tier architecture