inter-Rota+ (Business Process Management)
Today, the infrastructure used to manage the business processes helps the corporations to be one step ahead of their rivals. When designed effectively and controlled by the right infrastructure, business processes can provide considerable advantages in terms of time, resource and cost management. Bringing business processes online enables the standardization and monitoring the processes at every phase. Moreover, it improves the capability to observe bottlenecks, minimizes time for employees to adapt to changes, and increases work efficiency.

inter-Rota+ is designed with Business Process Management (BPM) approach to effectively automate and manage cross-functional processes by orchestrating people, documents and applications.

inter-Rota+ is built on technology elements such as workflow management, process modeling, application integration, process analytics and rules management, manages the lifecycle of a process starting from definition to execution and provides continuous monitoring and measurement for optimization and re-deployment. It enables organizations to make business operations intelligent by integrating analytic, social and mobile technologies into processes.

With its strong management module, inter-Rota+ can easily introduce new processes to the system, manage business rules and quickly define new integrations, alerts and notifications.

Highlights of inter-Rota+:

• Visual and functional process design
• Integrated and powerful expression language
• Parametrical workflow design
• Strong business rules management systems
• Improved process control and visibility which leads to higher productivity and reduced errors
• Workflow capabilities, quicker time to market on new product initiatives while process controls lower the
   training costs for users
• Ensuring customers to get seamlessly unified service level across all delivery channels which could be
• Framework for managing process changes in line with regulatory requirements
• Powerful reporting and monitoring tool to follow up processes and resources
• Automated process lifetime management (aging and archiving)
• Advanced task prioritization and SLA management capabilities
• Process scheduling and dynamic workforce management capabilities