inter-RaporServis (Reporting Tool)
The common problems of reporting platforms are frequent changes in reporting requirements, additional system load generation and troubles with branches/dealers at different locations during report sharing. Solutions to these problems usually bring considerable additional costs to corporations. inter-RaporServis meets the ever-changing demands of today’s corporations by creating personalized reports and increasing productivity.

inter-RaporServis meets corporates’ reporting requirements and brings agility where parametrical report definition is possible over the total data which is created by shifting the data of various transactional systems to less costly resources.

With its web-based structure inter-RaporServis ensures data security and creates operational efficiency. In addition to these features, it responds to the changing report needs with its parametric structure. inter-RaporServis allows to create & change the reports easily and offers a professional reporting system to your corporate where filtering, grouping, sorting and customization is in place. inter-RaporServis brings users all reports in a fast and inexpensive way; without IT intervention.

Highlights of inter-RaporServis

• Parametric Report Designer
• User defined filtering, grouping and sorting options.
• User Based Customization
• Data Exporting
• Scheduled Reports Automation
• Web based, n-tier architecture