inter-Pusula (Customer Management)
Companies seeking for 360º CRM solution, need to find solutions to address the following issues, mostly which are their biggest sufferings;

- Distributed, incomplete and repeated information about the customer across the company that leads to
   miscommunication, missed opportunities, and poor experiences for customers.
- Incomplete knowledge of customer interests, needs, preferences, and interactions with channels
   resulting in off-target messaging and unmanageable defections.
- Increasing complexity of customers, markets, and competitors.
- Inefficient communication channel management, which inflates costs and can miss customers who
   interact on multiple channels and touch points.

inter-Pusula, is designed to be the single point for customer management, lets you to manage all customer data including demographic information, contact information, interests, preferences, relations and analytical data mining results in a single repository and forms the basis of your CRM strategy.

Because you have single customer information in only inter-Pusula, you always have the complete, consistent and up-to-date customer information which lets you to deliver the right services across all channels. As you have all the detailed historical data on all customer information including profile information, 3rd party data, and interactions with channels that will enable you to provide invaluable data for data mining activities.

In addition to marketing value created by inter-Pusula, it secures you from operational & compliance risks and drives down the operational costs as there’s no need to deal with multiple customer databases. Flexible integration tier of inter-Pusula delivers the ready components to connect your 3rd party applications to inter-Pusula for customer management and Black List Control Applications.  

Highlights of inter-Pusula

• Single repository for Customer/Contact/Portfolio management
• Customer segmentation and profiling
• Flexible management
• Easy integration with 3rd party applications
• Integration with Black List Control applications
• Web based, n-tier architecture