Our Information Security Policy is as follows:

• Managing information assets through managing asset values, assessing and controlling Information security risks
• Managing information assets values with CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) assessments
• Following and maintaining compliance with legal regulations
• Sustaining availability and business continuity
• Managing information security incidents and providing timely responses
• Taking security measures according to information security risk management

Service Management Policy is as follows:

• To fulfill conditions stipulated by legal obligations that we also commit to our clients in agreements in a complete manner,
• To reach highest levels of standard in service processes,
• To increase service quality by continuously improving processes,
• To define and nominate persons responsible for services,
• To ensure participation of all personnel in Service Management System and increase level of awareness,
• To make sure that Service Management System is continuously supported by all parties including management staff and check accordingly,
• To prepare a service management plan and make sure it is kept updated

Business Continuity Policy is as follows:

It is based on:
- Preventing disruptions in order to protect services from threats such as environmental causes, hardware faults, operational errors, malicious codes and natural disasters,
- Keeping the impact on services at the lowest level,
- Identifying incidents in order to minimize recovery efforts and maintain service quality,
- Reacting rapidly in such a way to prevent a minor incident from reaching a severe level,
- Recovering based on recovery priorities and reverting the most critical services in the first place with the purpose of restarting services on time and maintaining data integrity,
- Constant development analyzing and reviewing lessons drawn from incidents and ensuring better preparation for such incidents and disruptions.