inter-Optimizer/Campaign (Campaign Optimization)
inter-Optimizer/Campaign highlights customer-oriented strategies helps to maximize the profitability of campaigns and answers the following questions for individual customers; Which product? When? And from Which channel?

inter-Optimizer/Campaign manages campaigns across all channels to ensure adherence to privacy rules, contact restrictions, profitability guidelines and marketing budgets. To be competitive in the market, customer centric strategies should be developed instead of highlighting products. Campaigns managed by inter-Optimizer/Campaign guarantees to cover customer needs with its customer centricity.

Without the risk of contacting customers to often, it gives the freedom to send as many campaigns as they need to. inter-optimizer/Campaign helps not only on improving marketing efficiency but at the same time it helps to manage the adequacy of lower costs. While increasing the collaboration, it facilitates the marketing process.

Classical methods for marketing strategies are product based and have a direction from product to customer.    

On the other hand, to create successful marketing campaigns we should use the customer-oriented approach. Customer-oriented strategies should be developed and customer needs should be analysed correctly to give the right messages, to right customers at the right time. The real need is to recognize the customer, not the product itself. Customer-oriented approach is more useful to understand customer`s behaviours and preferences. Also efficient usage of the sources, managing the restrictions should be considered together with customer needs.

inter-optimizer/Campaign improves company profitability, customer loyalty and satisfaction, and makes it easy to customize products and services. It offers the right products to the customers at the right time through the right channel.

Highlights of inter-Optimizer/Campaign

• Strong analytical optimization engine
• High sales ratio with high customer satisfaction
• Maximize profitability
• Manages constraints, objectives, preferences and
• Web-based, n-tier architecture