Intertech in Africa… Intertech attended AITEC 2015 on 15-16 September in Kenya.
Intertech was the main sponsor for launch of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 The whole IT sector showed great interest to the MS SQL Server 2014 launch held on April 16, 2014 at Swiss Otel Istanbul where Intertech was the main sponsor.
Intertech, still hungry for more!.. Intertech adds two more awards to its growing collection, one from Amsterdam, one from London
And the winner is, once and again, Intertech… Intertech, an information technology services company offering extensive solutions for financial institutions, has been elected Microsoft Country Partner for the second consecutive year in 2013.
Once again, Intertech is on the official website for Microsoft Case Studies Intertech, an internationally awarded technology company, maintains its leadership position across Turkey and in the region with Mobile applications developed for Windows 8 Tablets and Windows Phones...
One more international award from BAI BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Award 2012 for Channel Innovation was given to “DenizBank’s Facebook Banking Platform”, developed by Intertech...
Intertech has won two more international rewards Intertech has won two more international awards; being both "Microsoft Country Partner" and "HP & Microsoft Frontline Partner"...
Intertech was one of the gold sponsors for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Event Intertech was one of the gold sponsors to Microsoft SQL 2012 Event on May 3rd 2012. A live demonstration was made by Intertech which implemented a new business intelligence solution which was developed for DenizBank ...
Intertech attended MEFTEC 2012 on 25-26 April in Dubai MEFTEC is the world's premier financial technology event for emerging markets, with major focus on the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region. MEFTEC brings together financial technology leaders for a bespoke learning...
Intertech attended the “HP Business Critical Systems Event” as one of the sponsors inter-Vision provided DenizBank Financial Services Group with a much more customer-oriented approach, higher operational efficiency, faster and high quality services...
15/12/2015 inter-NEWS DECEMBER (Another award to inter-Dashboard from BAI.)

04/02/2015 inter-NEWS FEBRUARY (Intertech is proud to present another gold service: inter-KEP)

23/12/2014 inter-NEWS DECEMBER (No surprise for Intertech!.. Two expected awards arrived home.)

25/09/2014 inter-NEWS SEPTEMBER (Shower of awards for the products and services of Intertech !..)

AUGUST 2014  
15/08/2014 inter-NEWS AUGUST (inter-CustomerCare)

JUNE 2014  
25/06/2014 inter-NEWS JUNE ("Data Quality", with Intertech Quality)

MAY 2014  
22/05/2014 inter-NEWS MAY (Proactive and Flexible Pricing Solution: inter-Pricing)

APRIL 2014  
15/04/2014 inter-NEWS APRIL (Yet another success in Europe!)

25/02/2014 inter-NEWS FEBRUARY (Always one step ahead with inter-Origination/Tablet)

JANUARY 2014  
23/01/2014 inter-NEWS JANUARY (inter-Fatura, the solution for e-invoicing !)

24/12/2013 inter-NEWS DECEMBER (inter-Fraud receives yet another award, this time from USA !.. )

18/11/2013 inter-NEWS NOVEMBER (Intertech, still hungry for more!..)

OCTOBER 2013  
25/10/2013 inter-NEWS OCTOBER (inter-Collect)

27/09/2013 inter-NEWS SEPTEMBER (Intertech, 2013 Microsoft Country Partner)

AUGUST 2013  
27/08/2013 inter-NEWS AUGUST (inter-YasalTakip)

JULY 2013  
25/07/2013 inter-NEWS JULY (Intertech & KOBIL)

JUNE 2013  
25/06/2013 inter-NEWS JUNE (Intertech & Albaraka)