inter-MIS (Management Information Systems)
Management Information System is a toolset for monitoring the organization`s mission. Today, MIS has become a necessity for the banking sector. Lacking a proper MIS system at various levels will have negative effect on the organization, and a good MIS system will enlighten your company to a success.  

With its great integration, inter-MIS can automatically produce a report on the emerging new data. Because of its variable structure, it ensures maximum efficiency from generated reports by providing the most accurate data. inter-MIS can provide high number of analysis in various dimensions including Line of Business, Portfolio, Branch, Branch Type, Region and Bank levels with drill down approach to gain maximum benefits.  

inter-MIS, works on Microsoft OLAP Services, can make several analysis on the basis of daily and historical product usage on different levels such as Portfolio, Branch, Brach Type, Region and Bank. This way the information that the bank needs become available at all levels.  

Highlights of inter-MIS

• Powerful custom reporting
• Automatic reporting on a daily, weekly, monthly basis
• Web based, n-tier architecture