inter-IMS (Identity Management System)
Identity Management System (inter-IMS) is the basic system that ensures the central execution of authorization management, which is required for the users to log in the system and access the applications, by taking the organizational chart as basis.

inter-IMS offers identity verification and user management services to other applications through inter-DevFrame software development platform. It ensures integration with new user creation, user information update and the user’s AD (Active Directory), Exchange and Lync applications via automatic business process.

Highlights of inter-IMS:

• Role and authority definitions required by all applications can be managed from one single point upon a
  flexible infrastructure, based on the organization chart
• Authorization management can be conducted on all integrated applications by Active Directory integration
• Exchange Server integration (creating email address, creating MS Lync address)
• Easy integration
• Flexible management capability and fewer errors
• Web-based architecture