inter-Fortuna (Distribution Channel Management)
inter-Fortuna is developed for the banking distribution channels management. With its SOA based design, it allows banks to provide the same level and quality of service from every distribution channel. inter-Fortuna assists organizations to ensure their customers to get seamless unified service level across all delivery channels.  

With its up to date technological infrastructure and advanced business model, it is very quick and easy to add new channels and services. inter-Fortuna offers flexibility by giving a single point to manage transaction limits, security and channel parameters such as time constraints. Channel parameters like time, limit, and security are managed from a single point by using a single platform for channel management.  

inter-Fortuna, with its advanced parametric and flexible integration features, can be easily integrated into existing systems in your organization and ensures you to provide 7x24, reliable, uninterrupted and fast services. With its high capability of integration, inter-Fortuna supports campaign management solutions integrations and channels become your most important sales platform.  

With its strong management infrastructure and a large set of parametric process, inter-Fortuna supports the following channels;

• Branch
• Internet Banking
• Call Centre
• Kiosk
• Mobile Banking
• SMS Banking
• Agency Banking

Highlights of inter-Fortuna

• Multi-channel support
• Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
• Easy integration
• Flexible management
• Campaign Management solutions integrations
• n-tier architecture