inter-Factoring (Factoring)
inter-Factoring is a web-based application enabling to manage factoring processes. Thanks to this application, all accounting and operation transactions from customer identification to check and promissory note intelligence, pricing, credit allocation, credit disbursements and collections have been automated. inter-Factoring has been designed in a way to respond to all needs of users along with inter-Pusula customer information management system, inter-RaporServis new generation reporting system, inter-Rota business process management system and inter-DMS document management system.

The application enables to make transactions through factoring core modules, to use the structure of joint customers of factoring and the Bank via inter-Pusula, to generate faster, more flexible and customized reports thanks to the new generation reporting system inter-RaporServis, to carry out and monitor factoring transactions through the work flow via inter-Rota business process management system and to follow up documents electronically with the help of inter-DMS document management system.


• Easy-to-use and developed user interface,
• Compliance with IAS accounting standards,
• Multi-language, multi-branch and multi-currency support,
• Ready-made document templates and forms,
• Warning messages that can be sent as e-mail or SMS,
• Developed business process management enabling to implement specific work flows

are some prominent features of inter-Factoring.

Modular structure of inter-Factoring;

inter-Factoring is composed of

• Sales & Marketing
• Intelligence
• Credit Allocation
• Operations
• Collection Management
• Accounting
• Treasury
• Import and Export modules.