inter-Face (Core Banking)
Some years ago we were talking about banking transactions where the classical core banking systems act as sophisticated financial calculators. But right now we are talking about delivering customer-oriented business services, instead of transactions, where the core banking systems are supposed to be customer-centric and process aware. Intertech developed Core Banking Suite; inter-Face, on a service oriented architecture (SOA) with a process based design and customer-oriented approach, which lets you to deliver high quality customized business services to your customers driven by the business processes run by BPM solutions like inter-Rota.

One of the other important requirements of the business today is lowering time-to-market values. Business people are working very hard to develop new products and services in order to expand their market share and increase their revenue every day. Once the business people define a new products/services, they need to be delivered immediately to win a advantage in the market. It is only possible, if you have an agile system where you can easily define new products/services. Intertech has developed its own product factory in inter-Face, designed with the combination of more than 25 years of experience and market trends analysis, which lets business to define new products/services online in day time.

State of the art design, differantiating inter-Face from the other classical core banking systems, has been implemented on the newest technologies which will also differentiate you in the market against your competitors.

inter-Face, with a great scalability from one branch to thousands of branches with hundreds of millions transactions per day, supports Retail Banking, SME Banking, Agricultural Banking, Corporate Banking, Public Finance and Private Banking.

Modules of inter-Face

• Management
• Online Financial Accounting
• Deposits / Time Deposits
• Payments (International, Domestic)
• Loans (Limit/Risk/Collateral)
• Trade Finance
• Treasury
• Cash Management
• Cheques & Bills

Highlights of inter-Face

• SOA & Process based
• Customer oriented
• Agility by flexible Product Factory and parametric management
• State of the art design developed with newest technologies
• Easy integration with CRM, BPM, DMS and 3rd Party Systems
• Web based, n-tier architecture