inter-DWH (Financial DataWareHouse)
To take the right decisions you must have accurate and complete data that is kept in right model. With more than 20 years of experience, Intertech developed inter-DWH Financial Data Warehouse that allows making the right decision every time with its global financial data model and flexible design.

Financial Data Warehouse is built to enhance data management, perform batch reporting activities, ad-hoc queries and feed business intelligence layer. Shifting batch reporting and ad-hoc query processes to Data Warehouse sources; it guarantees high performable platform for online financial operations while creating a centralized data source for intuitive analytical environment.

Decision Warehouse, integrated with Business Intelligence solutions such as Microsoft Analysis Server where multi-dimension data analyses (OLAP), as well as static and ad-hoc queries can be made, and data mining statistical and analytical results can be shared. In a system where budget planning, target monitoring, financial efficiency measurements and trend analyses are basics, web based front ends provide the environment for strategy developers to carry out analyses easily.

Knowledge derived from one single data source, through the use of warehousing techniques and data mining facilities, is fed back to financial operations layer to create well equipped sales force for qualified service level that meets the customers’ requirements best. Also with its multi-layer structure inter-DWH can answer the demands, such as public report, the temporary questioning, analytical reporting, and trend analysis very fast.

Highlights of inter-DWH

• Global financial data model
• Centralized single data source
• Flexible design
• Enhanced data management