inter-DMS (Document Management)
Document management is the essential need for a bank, and it is always hard to deal with all documents and signatures of the customers. But with inter-DMS, paperless office era is not a dream anymore. To do all the work on paper reduces the efficiency of your organization and leads to higher operating costs. inter-DMS will help your documents to move to the electronic environment, stored in a secure way and to be accessed quickly when needed. This way your organization can decrease the operational cost and increase the efficiency of business processes.  

inter-DMS, document management system, is the process and technology that governs the capture of electronic or manual documents. It provides a variety of electronic and automated means for document distribution by secure indexing, storage and retrieval. inter-DMS can provide the business processes to be automated with documents. It can define, compare more than 300 file types, and gives the complete answer to your needs.  

inter-DMS will help in using your limited resources effectively by automating the tasks associated with document imaging, electronic forms, document delivery, searching and routing documents with processes and creating custom portals for your staff and customers.

Highlights of inter-DMS

• Improved efficiency by going
• Secure indexing and storage
• HTML representation for documents
• Annotations
• Versioning
• Easy integration
• Web based, n-tier architecture