inter-CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Customer Relationship Management is the most fundamental goal for corporates to gain customer loyalty and meet with new customers. When your customers are satisfied with your services, they have no reason to look for alternatives. inter-CRM allows you to better understand your customers and have a better service with its capability of serving all information in a compact dashboard.

inter-CRM offers you a single front end to understand customer needs, offer one-to-one specialized services and take effective decisions. inter-CRM provides all information that is derived from operational systems, business intelligence and decision support systems from a single interface. It provides excellent customer satisfaction and sales opportunities driven by deep insight customer analytics where you have real time access to analytical customer data including; financial summary, product activeness, product propensity, profitability and other key analytics results.

inter-CRM can integrate into your transactional systems like core banking, credit card management, business process management systems and others through its flexible and robust integration layer. Integration with transactional systems gives you the ability to take interactive actions online for one-to-one specialized customer services and monitor on-going processes in a transparent manner.

Highlights of inter-CRM

• 360° CRM
• Demographic Information
• Financial & Transactional Information
• Business Processes and Documents
• Customer Analytics Results
• One-to-one customized service delivery
• Excellent sales opportunities
• Easy integration
• Web based, n-tier architecture