inter-Beamer (Application Deployment System)
inter-Beamer is an application deployment tool.

inter-Beamer is used in the deployment of web applications, web services and also Windows application and services. It is compatible with MS SQL, Oracle and Sybase databases. Through inter-Beamer, database objects can be monitored and comparisons can be made between environments.

Advantages of inter-Beamer:

• As it is integrated into call management systems, it keeps records on who made changes when and based
   on which problems and projects.
• It ensures that interventions into the system are kept under control thanks to approval processes.
• It makes email notifications on cases related to releases and approval processes.
• It provides data for audits related to releases performed in the system as it keeps records of previous
   packages and releases.
• It simplifies the work of the operator who will perform the release thanks to its undo feature and also
   provides the option of singular or multiple package release.
• It ensures application/environment management and follow up.