inter-Audit (Audit Management System)
inter-Audit automize the whole audit processes by examine and evaluate the company`s control systems. From planning stage to scoring and reporting stage, inter-Audit can manage audit processes and make effective and reliable controls.  

During an audit session it is important to emphasise the fundamental management practices such as; effective management of key functions, role and responsibility designation, independence of check in key areas, control of appropriate quality and numbers of staff at all levels. There should also be properly documented policies and procedures for all activities of the institution and formally documented levels of signing authority for all transactions, commitments and payments. inter-Audit helps with all of these requirements.  

inter-Audit has many other powerful features such as; the appointment of auditors, preparation of sample data, messaging with management of evidence/lack of follow-up, score calculation, and automatic preparation of the inspection report. During the audit it lets you save all the data. inter-Audit can easily check the audit reports and after the audit it sends the automatic reports to the related people.  

Highlights of inter-Audit

• Appointment of auditors
• Preparation of sample data
• Management of evidence / lack of follow-up
• Score calculation
• Powerful reporting
• Automatic preparation of the audit report
• Executive Summary Report
• Web based, n-tier architecture