inter-ATM (ATM Platform)
inter-ATM is a platform developed to meet all ATM software solution needs of financial institutions end-to-end.

With strong management, monitoring and terminal layers, inter-ATM has been designed in such a way to be quickly implemented and managed. Instant performance information and warnings/errors received from the field can be tracked in detail with inter-ATM.

Using the latest technologies, the platform has advanced interfaces and runs “hardware independent” under CEN/XFS standards. The application provides competitive advantage to institutions thanks to its full integration with campaign management solutions, which are very important in terms of increasing the profit and sales ratios of banks.

Institutions using inter-ATM can easily integrate the application with all financial systems thanks to its open and flexible architecture and put innovative products and services into the market much faster than their competitors.

Whether institutions have a small network or a large network running in multiple countries, currencies and languages, the platform responds to all kinds of needs thanks to its expandable/flexible structure. With its XFS emulator, inter-ATM supports devices that do not use XFS standards and makes it possible for the same application to also run on Kiosks and VTM (Video Teller Machines) devices as well as ATMs.

Highlights of inter-ATM

• Hardware/brand independent ATM solution using CEN/XFS standards
• Strong and parametric monitoring/management layer
• Easy integration
• Web based n-tier architecture
• Campaign management integration
• Interactive transaction with Video Agent (ATM & VTM)
• Multi Language / Multi Country / Multi Currency
• Rich transaction cluster ready to use with or without card
• Strong user interface developed with .Net and WPF technology
• Automatic application version control & automatic deployment
• Remote key loading (RKL)
• ATM transactions integrated with tablet and mobile applications
• Compatibility with Kiosks, VTM / ITM (Video Teller Machine) and ATMs
Broşür • Compatibility with devices not using XFS standards
• Windows 7 and Windows XP support