inter-AML (Anti-Money Laundering Prevention System)
With global regulations, money laundering prevention is more important now than ever. inter-AML, scenario based Anti-Money Laundering solution, lets the bank to define its own rules and scenarios to find suspicious transactions with its parametric infrastructure.  

With flexible scenario creating, link analysis, customer status history, and messaging features inter-AML helps with uncovering money laundering operations. It creates scenarios and sub-scenarios and compares the results. It has the ability of inter-messaging between departments. Beside scenario structure, customer risk rating helps users to decide about customers. According to customer information risk score can be calculated for each customer.  

With its link analysis capability it can track money status and provides reporting. inter-AML can easily review money traffic with its graphical follow-up. With the integration of the document management system, branch users and compliance users can add and monitor documents from its customers. Also with its alert management functionality alerts can be monitored according to status and marked as suspicious (bad-guy) or not-suspicious (good-guy).

Highlights of inter-AML  

• Scenario based approach
• Parametric design
• Flexible rule management
• Network Analysis and Follow-up (Link Analysis)
• Risk Score Calculation
• Messaging
• Web based, n-tier architecture