inter-Agenda (Financial Agenda)
Monitoring customers’ daily cash flows and events enables sales staff to provide consultancy that meets the customer’s requirements. inter-Agenda is an electronic agenda for sales force to serve the customers with qualified service level. Customers can monitor daily cash flows, orders, service issues, overdue invoices and account balances through a single platform to provide one to one service and 360 degree customer view.  

In the emerging banking sector, meeting with customers, monitoring customer information and customer visits have a vital importance. With inter-Agenda, you can offer special services to your customers and take a step forward in the competition. It creates additional time for sales activities instead of operational processes. inter-Agenda helps to follow the operational department job planning and minimize the risks facing the organization.  

With the integration of operational systems like inter-Face Core Banking for time deposit renewals, you can enable inter-Agenda to take quick actions for customers. With its flexible structure it can be customized according to your requirements.

Highlights of inter-Agenda  

• Manage all your reminders from one screen
• Customize notifications, reminders and alerts
• Increased customer satisfaction
• Saves time for the user
• Easy integration
• Web based, n-tier architecture